Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy has been practised since ages, though not in the specific form it is practised today. It has healed various physical dysfunctions and disabilities since time unknown. However, physiotherapy as a profession was first introduced in ancient Greece. Hippocrates is known to have used various forms of massages and therapies for maintaining and restoring the functional and motor abilities of the body. Shree Meenakshi Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic, New Delhi is a Physiotherapy Rehabilitation centre with best Physiotherapist Doctors for effective Physical Therapy in Delhi.

Today, the treatment techniques associated with physiotherapy goes a great deal beyond the conventional massages or therapies. They have evolved into better and advanced procedures, vital in the rehabilitation of a person following an accident or disease.

What is physiotherapy?

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCHPT) defines physiotherapy as the area of health which promotes, maintains, develops and restores the mobility and functional ability of a person’s body throughout their life. In physiotherapy, the functional movement of a person is considered most essential and significant for a healthy life.

The main objective of physiotherapy, also called physical therapy, includes ensuring quality of life and promoting rehabilitation and adaptation of help to restore a person to his full physical functionality.

Why physiotherapy?

TA person’s mobility of physical functionality can be affected due to various factors. Some of these include age, disability that is congenital or acquired due to accidents or trauma, pain, disability due to certain diseases or restrictions in mobility due to extended periods of inactivity. The issues can be identified and remedied to a great extent with the help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy has evolved with time and now includes specific techniques for acquiring better results at a faster rate for different irregularities. They now have disorder specific treatment techniques with a proven track record of successful outcomes. Physiotherapy is not just limited to physical rehabilitation. The patient’s psychological needs are also involved to a great extent.

Scope of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is now used for various branches of medical science such as orthopaedics , sports medicine, oncology, neurology, cardio-respiratory, functional dermatology and so on.