Latarjet-Bristow procedure

Repeated occurrence of bankart lesion and other dislocations can result in bone loss from the front of the glenoid. Latarjet-Bankart procedure is performed in order to treat these sorts of conditions. The essence of the method is to transfer coracoids bone to the damaged area (front portion of the glenoid), thereby replacing the bone loss. The removal of coracoids is usually done 1.5 cm proximal to the tip .This replaced muscular strut also prevents subsequent dislocations. For doing this, standard axillary incision is done .The procedure has recorded a very low recurrence rate (<4%). The reasons for this are explained by ‘triple effect’. The 3 effects are:

  • Increase in glenoid contact area.
  • Repair of the capsule.
  • The conjoint tendon helps in stabilizing the joint at the time of external arm rotation.

The procedure hence has a very high success rate.