Tennis Elbow Surgery

Surgery for tennis elbowmay involve the cutting of the tendon, removing the inflated tissues from the tendon and repairing the tendon tears. This may be done usingarthroscopy, traditional open surgery or a combination of these two techniques. Depending on the type of problem,the mode of surgery varies.

What to expect after the surgery?
Recovery after the surgery always varies from person to person;usually, it takes minimum 3 to 6 months for a complete recovery. The following steps help in faster recovery:

  • Cigarettesmoking alwaysslows the tendon and wound healing
  • Recovery mainly depends on the amount of time and effort the patient puts into rehabilitation program designed especially for the patient
  • The patient may not be able to continue the activity which caused the tennis elbow.

Tennis Elbow treatment

Why is it done?
The surgery is considered only if:

  • The elbow soreness and pain continues after more than 6 to 12 months of nonsurgical treatment
  • Corticosteroidshots have given a good short-term pain relief but the pain has returned with the same intensity
  • The performance of daily tasks and activities are hampered because ofelbow pain.

How well it works?
Different surgical procedures are used to treat tennis elbow. Most people are able to return to their previous activities after tennis elbow surgery more comfortably and quickly.
Surgery for tennis elbow is seldom required because the condition usually improves with tendon rest and nonsurgical treatment.

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