Posterior Ankle Pain

Posterior ankle pain or pain in the back of the ankle can sometimes be treated arthroscopically. Even certain types of tendonitis and bone spurs in the back of the ankle may be treated through arthroscopic surgery.

Treatment : Non-Surgical

Non-surgical treatment for posterior ankle pain basically includes:

  1. Resting the ankle.
  2. Using analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication.
  3. Use of pressure bandages, walking sticks or crutches.
  4. Cortisone-based injections.
  5. Physiotherapy

Surgical treatment:

Arthroscopic surgery of the ankle provides faster recovery owing to less pain and earlier mobilization of the ankle when compared to conventional open surgery. Ankle arthroscopy enables the doctor to directly visualize the ankle joint surface. Ankle arthroscopy could be performed under general or regional anesthesia.

Recovery and Rehabilitation:

The recovery time may vary from patient to patient. After surgery, the ankle will be wrapped using a soft bandage or splint. The physical therapist would recommend certain exercises to regain mobility and strength of the joint. The length of rehabilitation will also differ based on what procedure is performed at the time of surgery. Do not resume any sports activities or physical work until advised by the doctor.