Vision & Mission

What I am & What I hope to evolve into

My mission is to excel through transparency & innovation. Themost common problem affecting the modern medical practice islack of transparent communication between the patient & thesurgeon. I hope to rectify this by openly communicating with mypatients and addressing the most seemingly trivial of theirquestions & concerns.

I firmly believe that quality surgical treatment should beaffordable to everyone. I aim to provide international standardsof care, with clinical advice of the highest professional & ethical standards, at prices which everyone can afford.

One method to bridge the gap between doctors & patients is to empower them to make informed choices about their treatment.This, I propose to do through patient education, both throughthis website, patient education lea?ets & a direct one to one interaction. I thereby hope to dispel commonly held myths & irrational beliefs regarding some aspects of orthopedic treatment.

My vision is to develop the clinic to a day care arthroscopy & joint replacement setup, having the latest in medical technology, physiotherapy & pain relief facilities. The internet is going to play an ever increasing role in our lives, so I hope to be able to develop more on this website, to make it more interactive & patient friendly, especially for my patients outside Delhi