Removing Bone Spurs

Our spine, elbows, shoulders and ankles are highly vulnerable to develop bone spurs. An ankle bone spur refers to a small outgrowth that occurs on the ankle joint. It can develop either along the bottom edge of the tibia or on the upper surface of the talus. Most bone spurs do not cause any symptoms and as a result might go unnoticed. However, sometimes pain, numbness, tenderness or inflammation could occur in the region where the bone spur is present.

Ankle bone spurs are commonly caused by Osteoarthritis and sometimes due to an injury to the ankle. The body creates extra tissue so as to repair the damaged bones, ultimately forming a bone spur. Ankle arthroscopy is performed to take care of this condition. This surgical procedure helps to shave down the bone spur on the front of the joint, to facilitate improved motion of the ankle joint.